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LETTER: Advice ignored; island eroded

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If there is a lesson to be learned from the destruction of land and water, we should all look to the example of Robinsons Island. At the time, the causeway was constructed in or about 1960, the Island had the highest sand dunes on the eastern seaboard of North America and Parks Canada built fencing to protect the Crane nesting grounds.

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First Nation's elders said, "water finds the shortest route" and within a very short time, a large portion of the Island, including the painted center line of the road had washed off the western end of the Island. Robinson's Island has steadily eroded ever since and any work done in recent years is too little and much too late.

Please, please, please, governments listen to our First Nations - they are the only ones who have experience and knowledge of nature. Science is studying ever more concentrated single crop profit interests and all life will continue to suffer the unexpected consequences of the loss of bio diversity and the ability of the planet to support all kinds of living organisms including mankind.

Marion E. MacCallum,


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