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UPDATED: Charlottetown Chinese food restaurant China Garden shut down briefly again after violations

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Provincial health inspectors shut down a Chinese food restaurant in Charlottetown briefly this week for violating the Public Health Act.

It's the second time this year China Garden on Queen Street has been forced to close by health inspectors.

The restaurant was forced to close its doors on Monday after inspectors noted 15 violations, several of which were considered critical violations that put the public’s health at risk, said Ryan Neale, manager of environmental health for the Chief Public Health Office.

“Given the outcome of that inspection, a health order (had) been issued and the premises (was) ordered to close,’’ Neale said Tuesday.

Other warnings

Health inspectors also issued warning letters to the following food premises establishments for operating without a valid license:

  • Farmed Market, Read Drive, Summerside
  • June’s Restaurant, Grafton Street, Charlottetown

Health inspectors were back at the restaurant Wednesday morning and deemed that all concerns had been addressed that had been laid out in the health order and the restaurant was allowed to re-open at its conveniece.

A health order is the most serious of the orders provincial health inspectors can issue. They use a graduated level of enforcement to make sure food premises act in the best interests of the public.

The restaurant was also closed on March 5 when inspectors noted 21 health violations. The establishment addressed the numerous issues and was permitted to re-open on March 8.

When inspectors visited on Monday, Neale said there were concerns over food storage and the potential for contamination of that food, a lack of hand hygiene and the reuse of rubber gloves. There were also concerns with cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and food contact surfaces and food was being thawed at room temperature and was not being maintained at or below 4 C. All issues were addressed as of Wednesday morning.

The Guardian was not able to reach the owner/operator of China Garden for comment.

Meanwhile, another Chinese food restaurant in Charlottetown has been allowed to re-open since being closed by inspectors in January.

Neale said health inspectors returned to Unique Wok on Grafton Street on April 11 but discovered conditions still were not satisfactory. They re-inspected on May 7 and, at that time, health officials were satisfied that all conditions of the health order were met and the restaurant was allowed to re-open.


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