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P.E.I. health inspectors working with owner of Unique Wok on correcting numerous violations

Provincial health inspectors close Unique Wok in Charlottetown after 30 violations found.
Provincial health inspectors close Unique Wok in Charlottetown after 30 violations found. - Google maps

There is still no word on when a Charlottetown Chinese food restaurant will be allowed to re-open by provincial health inspectors.

Unique Wok was closed down on Jan. 21 when inspectors flagged the food premises for 30 separate health violations, including the presence of insects and rodents.

Some of the violations were considered serious enough that, if left unchecked or if things were allowed to slide further, there would have been the potential to impact the public or cause a food-borne illness.

Kelly Hughes, senior environmental health officer with the health department, said Friday they have met with owner Jun (Frank) Liu, who was out of the country at the time the routine inspection was conducted.

“The operator is back in the country so we had a meeting and we’re going to be working closely with him and his staff to address the violations that were outlined on Jan. 21, since that report,’’ Hughes said. “It’s still too early to make a decision on when or if it will be re-opening.’’

Health inspectors have done a walk-through of the restaurant with Liu and have pointed out and discussed specifically what the concerns are and further explained the violations to him.

“We ensured there was complete understanding there and the public health significance of why (the violations) was considered unsatisfactory.’’

Hughes said they’ll be requiring all kitchen staff undergo food safety training moving forward.

As for the issue with the presence of insects and rodents, Hughes said arrangements have been made with a pest control company to take care of that issue.

“He is being fully co-operative with us and has a desire to improve on things. He really hopes to be able to get to the point where he can re-open (but) nothing is set yet.’’

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