PEI announces training teams for 2018 national Special Olympics Games

Published on September 5, 2017

Prince Edward Island's training team for the Special Olympics Canada National Summer Games and National Bowling Championships were announced on Tuesday.


CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – Special Olympics P.E.I. announced the 66 members selected to the training team in preparation for the 2018 Special Olympics Canada National Summer Games.  

Canada National Summer Games.

The roster consists of 45 athletes, 14 coaches and seven mission staff competing in the sports of five-pin and 10-pin bowling, athletics, bocce, golf, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, softball and swimming.

“All of our athletes and volunteers have worked so hard in preparation for their qualifying events that helped them get to this point of selection,” said chef de mission Matthew McNally. “It has been very inspirational to watch everyone’s development in their sport and to see individuals achieve their goals. Our team has a strong mix of new and experienced members and I look forward to this journey we begin together with this exceptional group of athletes and volunteers.”

Team members will be busy training multiple times per week, attending training camps and fundraising as the Games are less than a year away.

The bowling squads will attend the Special Olympics Canada National Bowling Championships being co-hosted by Charlottetown, Summerside and Tyne Valley from May 14-20.

Athletics, bocce, golf, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, softball and swimming will attend the Special Olympics Canada National Summer Games in Antigonish, N.S., from July 29 to Aug. 5.

Training team
A look at the Special Olympics P.E.I. training team for the Special Olympics Canada National Summer Games and the Special Olympics Canada National Bowling Championships:

National Summer Games


Jeremy Wall, Summerside.

Teri Cudmore, Charlottetown.

Head coach Jodi Harper, Brackley.


Janet Charchuck, Alberton.

Jennifer Hickox, Charlottetown.

Rick Chan, Charlottetown.

Tommy Ling, Charlottetown.

Head coach Carole Ann French, Charlottetown.


Phillip Chugg, Stratford.

Head coach Jamie Matheson, Montague.


Kolton Doucette, Wellington Station.

Head coach TBA.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rachael Loggie, Charlottetown.

Head coach Sarah Profitt, York.


Alyssa Chapman, Murray Harbour.

Andrew Maloney, Montague.

Callie Wood, Montague.

Geoffrey Bridges, Charlottetown.

Jason McCormack, Belfast.

Jeremy Cheverie, Cornwall.

John Rafuse, Montague.

Logan Robbins, Charlottetown.

Marlee MacDonald, Murry River.

Sarah MacDonald, Souris.

Scott Brousseau, Montague.

Shawn Mitchell, Charlottetown.

Co-head coach Terry Nabuurs, Charlottetown.

Co-head coach Emilie Boucher, Charlottetown.

Assistant coach Dave Morrow, Covehead.


Aaron Myers, Charlottetown.

Art Smith, Charlottetown.

Billy Acorn, Charlottetown.

Brian McNab, Charlottetown.

Cedric Gallant, Charlottetown.

Chris MacPherson, Charlottetown.

Jerred Affleck, Charlottetown.

John Morton, Charlottetown.

Justin Crockett, Charlottetown.

Lisa Bernard, Charlottetown.

Sherry Hiscock, Charlottetown.

Tommy MacGuigan, Charlottetown.

Wallace MacMaster, Charlottetown.

Head coach Judy Gallant, Charlottetown.

Assistant coach Alan Stewart, Hunter River.

Assistant coach Jamie Henry, Cornwall.


Ellen MacNearney, Montague.

Roy Paynter, Kensington.

Head coach Sarah Paynter, Kensington.

Chef de mission Matthew McNally, Mount Stewart.

Team manager Genna Phelan, Charlottetown.

Mission staff – Chanelle MacIsaac, Charlottetown; Cy Holland, Charlottetown; Fran Gillis, Summerside; and Martine Kelly, Charlottetown.

National Bowling Championships

Five-pin bowling

Deegan Hackett, West Devon.

Donna Pyke, Charlottetown.

Jonathan Watts, York.

Kaitlyn Shand, Charlottetown.

Patti Bradley, Charlottetown.

Head coach Rickey Burns, Charlottetown.

Ten-pin bowling

Jenna Smith, Ellersilie.

Kevin Ramsay, Tyne Valley.

Paul Phillips, Summerside.

Wayne Dyment, Summerside.

Head coach Ann Kilby, Tyne Valley.

Chef de mission Genna Phelan, Charlottetown.

Team manager Lynda Hontscharowicz, Charlottetown.