Jamieson wins National Driving Championship at CDP

Published on August 27, 2014

It was a show that fans at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park on Tuesday night won't soon forget.

Jody Jamieson started early and he finished late, winning five races and  four of the eight legs of the National Driving Championship, good enough for 96 points and his fifth berth in the World Driving Championships.

"It feel's actually amazing, I'm super pumped about it," Jamieson said about getting to represent his country one more time.

The two-time World Driving Champion got the ball rolling early in the competition winning the first two heats with C J Bluefin in 1:58.2 and followed that up in the second heat with Oppies Lifes Line.

"I don't like to say anything bad about a guys horse but, No one wanted to drive C J Bluefin, I talked to the owners nephew and he told me what he liked about him. With that knowledge going forward, it just worked out and the horse stepped up for me."

Jamieson followed that up with a second, third and second before rhyming off another victory aboard Solanos Dragon in Race 8. With two races to go and him and Islander Marc Campbell in a dog fight, Campbell picked up the win in Race 9 while Jamieson finished second.

Heading into the final leg Jamieson was on top by 10 points with 81 to Campbell's 71. When the horses crossed the wire in the final heat, it was over. Jamieson was a going away winner aboard Perfect Escape in 1:55.4 for owner Jack Kennan and trainer Jackie Matheson.

"I didn't even know what to say," Jamieson said about going under the wire and knowing he was going to represent Canada one more time. "I was just thinking about how long I'm going to stay in Australia and who's coming with me."

Jamieson treated a packed house to a special tribute as he paraded Perfect Escape in front of the fans at the fence.

"I like to show the fans the winning horse. I think people appreciate almost being able to touch a horse," said Mr. Canada. "I'm always trying to build a fan base and it starts from one person and builds from there."

Jamieson said he didn't expect to win five races coming into the card, but things worked out.

"I was just trying to do the right thing in every race, trying to navigate through some horses and hope I had some stock down by the wire, and that's what happened."

The Moffat, Ont native picked up his fifth victory in the evening finale, the$ 5, 000 Builders Cup aboard Modern Xhibit.

Marc Campbell finished second with 81 points. Brandon Campbell was third with 42. Billy Davis Jr. (39 ), Ryan Ellis (33), Guy Gagnon (32), Jim Marino (31) and Sylvain Lacaille (19) rounded out the competition.

The hometown hero Campbell didn't disappoint winning three races of the NDC himself. He rounded out his night with a grand slam winning the $ 25, 000 Founders Cup aboard Wazzup Wazzup in 1:53. Up The Credit cut out all the numbers of :27.3, :56.2, 1:24.4 before Maritime hopeful D Gs Camme cleared to the lead. Wazzup Wazzup made a final lunge at the wire to win in 1:53 for his owners the Rolling Hills Racing Stables and trainer Corey Johnson. D Gs Camme finished second and All Turain was third.

The fans were also taken by storm in Race 7, as the $3,000 claimer Whitesand Artist fired off a new track record for aged pacing mares winning by 16 lengths in 1:53.4 for Billy Davis Jr. and owner -trainer Neil Bambrick. The nine-year-old daughter of Artiscape, who knocked three seconds off of her lifetime mark, erased a 20-year-old track record taken in 1994 by Gold Cup and Saucer winner Little Black Book.

The total handle on the program was $55,151. As for Jamieson when he was asked when he would be back to P.E.I.

"I want to win the Gold Cup and Saucer so bad, It's a real tough race to win. Just ask Marc Campbell he thought he was going to win his second this year but it didn't work out for him. He's lucky enough he's got one," laughed Jamieson. "It's the race I want to win."

(Compiled by Red Shores' Bo Ford)

Harness racing results Tuesday night at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park:

Race 1 - Union Dues (S. Quinn) 13.10 3.70 3.60 R Es Kate (D. Neill) 5.90 9.90 Southwind Whisper (V. Doyle) 13.20.

Times: 28.4, 59.1, 1:28.4, 2:00.1. Also ran: Charlottes Style, Happy To Scoot, Tobins Beauty.

Winning horse owned by John and Stephen Quinn, Charlottetown. Exactor 6-4 $92.70; Triactor 6-4-2 $636.90; Superfecta 6-4-2-3 $143.13.

Race 2 - Capitalism (J. Hughes) 7.10 3.30 2.40 Judge Jon (M. Stevenson) 2.50 2.10 Balanchine (R. Matheson) 2.60 I D K (V.Poulton) 2.10.

Times: 27.2, 57.3, 1:27.1, 1:56.2. Also ran: Hail The Taxi, Ultimate Faith. Winning horse owned by Jason Collings, Mount Stewart. Exactor 4-6 $17.30; Triactor 4-6-2 $42.40; Triactor 4-6-5 $48.00; Superfecta 4-6-2-5 $77.20.

Race 3 - C J Bluefin (J. Jamieson) 14.50 5.10 2.80 A Fiesty X Ample (B. Campbell) 11.30 7.00 Ideal Lifestyle (G. Gagnon) 3.50.

Times: 28.4, 58, 128.2, 158.2. Also ran: P H Littlecam, Mattadors Rose, Leaveitwithme, Caughtfoolinaround, Sweet Calypso. Winning horse owned by Ron Neill, Charlottetown. Exactor 1-8 $267.50; Triactor 1-8-4 $1209.30.

Race 4 - Oppies Life Line (J. Jamieson) 8.10 4.30 2.70 M D Caseys Charm (M. Campbell) 5.40 2.80 Playful Patty (J. Marino) 3.00.

Times: 28.3, 58.3, 1:28.4, 1:58.4. Also ran: Libertys Gig, Avid Yankee, Inside Scoop, Ultimate Labamba, Diagram Hanover. Winning horse owned by Len Kordy, Kingston, Ont. Exactor 1-5 $35.70; Triactor 1-5-2 $143.30; Superfecta 1-5-2-3 $124.92.

Race 5 - Windemere Eric (M. Campbell) 10.40 6.20 3.10 Hollywoodgigolo (J. Jamieson) 4.20 2.10 P C Shockwave (R. Ellis) 2.10.

Times: 28.4, 59.1, 1:27.3, 1:57. Also ran: All Out, Im Dreamin N, Leave Me Go, Trump Play, Rebelryan. Winning horse owned by Gary Chappell, Charlottetown. Exactor 3-8 $67.70; Triactor 3-8-5 $117.90; Superfecta 3-8-5-2 $49.06.

Race 6 - Honor Roll (M. Campbell) 8.10 4.60 2.30 Ton Of Luck (B. Davis Jr.) 2.30 2.10 Babies Gigolo (J. Jamieson) 2.10.  

Times: 29.1, 58.3, 1:27.1, 1:55.2. Also ran: Julep Hanover, Milliondollarfeeln, Gascoigne Dickie, Waterhook, TSM Starlit Cruise. Winning horse owned by William Andrew, Alta., Brian Andrew, P.E.I., and Blake Andrew, Que. Exactor 8-5 $45.30; Triactor 8-5-4 $182.00; Superfecta 8-5-4-1 $31.33.

Race 7 - Whitesand Artist (B. Davis Jr.) 5.00 4.10 2.10 Maiden Heaven (J. Jamieson) 4.90 2.80 Gwinning Gwen (M. Campbell) 3.30.

Times: 28, 57.3, 1:25.2, 1:53.4. Also ran: Putnams Snap, Hello America, Whatabadgirl, Summerville Deb, Mcdaisy Cutter. Winning horse owned by Neil Bambrick, Charlottetown. Exactor 4-3 $42.70; Triactor 4-3-6 $165.10; Superfecta 4-3-6-5 $28.04.

Race 8 - Solanos Dragon (J. Jamieson) 6.60 3.20 2.20 Ebandtheboys (B. Campbell) 2.70 2.50 Pictonian Walton (R. Ellis) 2.70.

Times: 27, 55.2, 1:25, 1:56.1. Also ran: Panda Bear, Mr Macleod, Forced To Travel, JPs Cadet. Winning horse owned by Gordon, David and Doug Neill and Ben Matheson, Charlottetown. Exactor 5-2 $18.80; Triactor 5-4-6 $43.40; Superfecta 5-4-6-9 $79.50.

Race 9 – Rash B Havior (M. Campbell) 6.00 2.40 2.30; Artners In Crime (J. Jamieson) 2.10 2.10; Astor Shark (R. Ellis) 4.90.

Times: 27.4, 57.1, 125.3, 154.2. Also ran: Come Back, Woodmere No Fool, Painted Pony, Albert Town, Long Life. Winning horse owned by Michael Peters, Emyvale. Exactor 4-6 $9.10; Triactor 4-6-8 $60.70; Superfecta 4-6-8-3 $83.75.

Race 10 – Perfect Escape (J. Jamieson) 4.20 2.40 2.10; Miramonttogo (M. Campbell) 3.20 3.00; Andro Madi (B. Campbell) 5.00.

Times: 27.3, 55.4, 126, 155.4. Also ran: Umiztagoodthing, Sumbodys Fool, My Lucky Killean, There Paid For, Blue Star Outlaw. Winning horse owned by Jack Keenan, Stratford and Joseph Dahl, Ontario. Exactor 7-6 $9.10; Triactor 7-6-1 $114.40; Superfecta 7-6-1-5 $123.09.

Race 11 – Wazzup Wazzup (M.C ampbell) 3.50 2.40 2.30; D Gs Cammie (G. Barrieau) 3.60 3.00; All Turain (M. Stevenson) 5.00.

Times: 27.3, 56.2, 124.4, 153. Also ran: Mach Wheel, Astor, Up The Credit, Ultimate Luck. Winning horse owned by Rolling Hills Racing Stables, Ontario. Exactor 6-4 $11.90; Triactor 6-4-1 $45.30; Superfecta 6-4-1-7 $49.55.

Race 12 – Modern Xhibit (J. Jamieson) 3.30 2.80 2.10; Narragansett (J. Hughes) 3.20 3.50; Blissful Bro (G. Barrieau) 2.80.

Times: 27.3, 55.3, 126, 155.1. Also ran: Machinthesand, Red Magician, Cabo Pan Lucas, Red Rock. Winning horse owned by Jonah Moase, Cornwall. Exactor 3-1 $7.50; Triactor 3-1-4 $31.30; Superfecta 3-1-4-6 $47.95.

Total wager – $55,151.