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LETTER: Wasting dollars; not helping needy


I recently read an article in the Guardian in which Pat Mella said she was thrown under the bus by the MacLauchlan government.

. It seems the majority of Islanders have been thrown under the bus lately with inaction on many issues that face our “Gentle Island.”
Our health care system is failing, because we cannot get family doctors to come and stay. Walk-in clinics are full and wait times at outpatients are getting longer and longer. I am a cancer survivor and my husband is a heart patient. Our doctor left the province earlier this year and we have not been able to find any doctor willing to sign my husband’s insurance and disability paperwork, or do my regularly scheduled blood work. And I know we are not the only ones going without.
The number of people living in poverty on this Island is disgraceful. Our food banks and soup kitchens are operating at full capacity. Do our politicians think all of these disadvantaged people when they sit down to a hot meal, or when they are wasting taxpayers’ dollars on e-gaming scandals, highway realignments and meaningless school review processes?
Shame on this government. We, the taxpayers, pay your salary. How can you hold your head knowing that people are living in poverty, going hungry and going without proper health care?
This government needs to stop filling their own pockets with taxpayers’ money and start helping the people of this province.

Nancy Zahavich,


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