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LETTER: Politically astute fails Sen. Duffy


I have an opinion and I think you're entitled to it. I can't get over the feeling that Sen. Mike Duffy played the system with finesse.  

The former political pundit from the CTV television network has always proven to be the most politically astute person in Ottawa and I get the impression that he has proven that.
I have been interested in Canadian politics since the mid 1970s and was an avid watcher of Question Period since I can remember. The senator always proved to be above generous in his observations, predictions and calculations.
But when Mike Duffy became Sen. Duffy, I was immediately embarrassed for P.E.I. when he spoke publicly. I was relieved when the expense scandal began because it diverted our attention from his foot-hungry mouth.
I wondered why the senator never defended himself beyond acting like an untrained neophyte caught up with the experienced big boys. I think that if he had come to his own defense, with a lawyer in tow of course, that he may have blown his opportunity to sue for nearly $8 million.
The most astute man in Ottawa would know all the fuzzy loopholes, the blowback, punishments and benefits. He would also know how to do as little work as possible - effectively retiring with at least a senator’s salary and pension.
What he would not know is that in his heyday, as the greatest political pundit in Canada, his reputation was not worth $7.8 million at that time. Not even close.

Justin O'Brien,

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