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LETTER: Griffin’s case resembles Duffy


I read with interest the press articles from Rick MacLean and Allan Holman. Both very articulate opinions on our Charter of Rights for all, including, law in general and how our court system works.

I personally, have been dragged through, all levels of P.E.I. courts, as well, arbitration hearings. I was falsely charged by the City of Summerside and its police force. This farce lasted from 1997, up to and including 2010, finally ending in the Supreme Court of Canada.
I can relate to what Mr. Duffy endured, including many years of mental, emotional, and physical stress, all because of the city’s witch hunt against me for doing my duty. My case was drawn out mainly because the city would not accept fault, after arbitrator Lynn Murray exonerated me on all charges in 1999.
What happened to Mike Duffy, happened to me as well. They set him up to protect Prime Minister Stephen Harper, his adviser Nigel Wright and others. I totally understand what Mr. Duffy’s new lawyer intends to do. This man was set up all because of political corruption. It was of course similar to the Summerside City Council of the days back 1997-2010 under Mayor Basil Stewart.
We all must be reminded, our Charter of Rights and Freedom are for everyone, not just a chosen few.

David Griffin,


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