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LETTER: Diversity enhances community spirit


The issue of racism has many faces and one is how personal beliefs can play a significant part by how we portray our personal beliefs and how this in turn impacts on society.

Jim and Myrna Wicks' recent opinion piece points out one impact: a Guardian reporter's inserting what seems to be his personal opinion regarding a doctor's views on an international issue. As they said, what does this have to do with the doctor's ability to do his job?
It should be pointed out that the doctor's and the reporter's personal opinions are not ones generated out of hate.
However, reporters have a public venue so what they write even if just implied can influence other people's thinking.
Then in the Eastern Graphic someone wrote a letter to the editor that was disturbing because the writer points out that some Islanders “feel there is an Asian invasion.” If this is so, those who don't feel this way should publicly object to that view.
P.E.I. has up until now been predominantly white, of European descent and of Christian religion. People from other ethnic and religious origins have only begun to settle in greater numbers on P.E.I. This is a good thing and many Islanders do embrace this.
Having these newcomers in P.E.I. should not be viewed as negatively affecting Island community traditions, as some of us seem to be concerned about.
Diversity of people can only enhance the giving community spirit that most Islanders live by.

Edith Perry,


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