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LETTER: Common sense appears lacking


The precautionary principle is a contemporary legislative expression of common sense and is found mainly in environmental law.

Indeed, it is part of the draft P.E.I. Water Act. The principle also applies to human health and has its origin in the fundamental statement ‘it may be better not to do something, or even nothing, than risk causing more harm than good,’ i.e. first, do no harm.
The frustration and concern of the parents of an autistic child who face re-zoning from a small school to a much larger school are palpable. The Public Schools Branch seems to be unaware of the precautionary principle and, to be kind, have missed an opportunity to intervene on behalf of this child and perhaps other vulnerable children. Whatever you may want to call it – common sense, good judgment, sound reasoning – it is not apparent at the PSB.

Don Humphrey,


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