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LETTER: Bible the start of world order


It is hard to believe that in 2017, the letter that R.A. Jenkins wrote could be written. Mankind has progressed through the centuries because of science and the growth of knowledge that was not known when the Bible was written.

The Bible was a start of mankind trying to put the world into some kind of order.
There are oral and written traditions of men of early times trying to explain the world. The Bible is just one among many. Many Christian churches ignore large parts of the Bible for very good reasons. There are parts of the Bible that are wrong and some are evil.
Since Mr. Jenkins says we must follow the Bible, literally and absolutely, does he use modern things that science has provided. Does he go to a doctor or just pray to God for help for his health? Science has provided all the things I am sure he uses. Does he hold animal sacrifices as the Bible outlines for events, like, for example, the birth of a child? Probably not.
In order for faith in our religion, government or any of the institutions that rule our lives we must be critical and questioning. True faith is not defined by blindness, but critical thought. A true believer will always question and revise his or her thoughts.

Carol Capper,

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