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LETTER: Baby boomers had great time


While many of my letters to this page may be of the bitchin' nature, today I would like to congratulate the congregation of Park Royal United Church on their concert of Saturday, April 1.  

The theme, Why do fools fall in love, offering up 50s, 60s, and some 70s music certainly was well covered.
The primarily baby boomers audience were thrilled with all the local talent, including Minnie Pearl, who obviously enjoyed herself throughout the night. The couple who danced up and down the aisle all evening, in their white bobby socks, penny loafers and dungarees were superb and having so much fun. The Big Bopper, the King and Tina Turner outdid themselves. I give special credit to the very young woman who portrayed Tina so strongly. Well done! And hearing the Blue Crystals singing so many great tunes from the 60s era, like The Great Pretender had me reminiscing about those carefree teenage days.
I must not forget the opening band, Riley and Friends. While very young and new at what they are doing in the band, they have a very talented young singer in that little band that will see them doing well as time goes on. I'm sure there was a lot of work went into this concert and you all did so very, very well.

Kathy Birt,
Mount Stewart


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