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LETTER: Apology, $1 should suffice


A note to Senator Mike Duffy. Dear Mike: What took you so long to put in your claim for damage to your reputation?  

Everyone knew from the gleam in your eye that it was coming. Well, one has to think that anyone who: 1) doesn't know the difference between a house and a cottage; 2) which province he actually lives in and; 3) who had such trouble filling out those complicated Senate questions might need some time and advice on how much to ask for.
It was certainly a nice P.E.I.-ism that you didn't round up the numbers to $8 million dollars; after all, that isn't the 'Island Way?'
The federal government should of course, repay all of your legal, medical and related costs. An apology, if not already presented, should be made.
I believe, Mike, that you are still a senator, and will do all right in the salary and pension departments. Perhaps I could remind you that the $7.8 million dollars you are asking for will in many cases be paid for by single moms trying to make ends meet, people on social assistance trying to decide between heat and lights this month, and minimum-wage earners. Not many Canadians own $3,000 suits.
If you truly want to be remembered as a caring, honourable man, ask - after the legal expenses and so forth - for a sincere apology and the sum of $1. No one will ever forget you.
Show us the real Senator Duffy.

Gary Walker,

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