Who let the dogs drive?

Nova Scotia canines appear to make a break for it from animal hospital

Tina Comeau tcomeau@thevanguard.ca
Published on April 20, 2015

YARMOUTH – Whether they were making a run for it is unknown, but doggone it, it’s not every day you see two dogs driving a car.

So you can imagine the surprise of some motorists in Yarmouth who were driving along Parade Street on Thursday, April 16, and saw a red vehicle towing a trailer creeping out of the parking lot of the Parade Street Animal Hospital.

Passengers of an approaching vehicle driving on Parade Street decided to give the right of way to the vehicle coming out of the animal hospital parking lot.

“The guys said it was slowly coming, so they decelerated,” says Charlene LeBlanc of Pubnico.

She says members of her family watched as the car made its way out of the parking lot and eventually stopped at the centerline.

In a blog posting about the incident she writes, “as they slowed down and got closer they realized a dog was driving the car! And another dog was in the passenger seat! They even appeared to be looking for traffic.”


They speculated that the car must have been left running.

Speaking of running, a person believed to be the owner of the dogs, or at least their licensed driver, came rushing out of the animal hospital towards the vehicle.

No one was injured in the incident and there was no collision with any oncoming traffic.

As for the dogs, if they were trying to stage a getaway from the animal hospital they didn’t get far. While their getaway got off to a good start, it had a ruff ending.