Woman wants to teach ancient art of belly dancing

“I’m absolutely in love with choreographing…to me it’s like painting a picture’’

Jim Day jday@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on August 7, 2016

Tucked in the kitchen of a Charlottetown restaurant washing dishes and prepping food is a woman eager to spread her wings.

Amy Amierah, 34, of Charlottetown is passionate about belly dancing, both performing the colourful, exotic Middle Eastern form of dance as well as teaching others this ancient art.

“I’m absolutely in love with choreographing…to me it’s like painting a picture,’’ she says.

“For me, a lot of the moves come naturally.’’

Amierah stumbled into belly dancing while in Grade 10 drama. She immediately was hooked.

She would go on to take formal belly dancing classes.

Later, as a certified fitness instructor, Amierah started holding Bellyfit classes.

Amierah, a native of British Columbia, moved to P.E.I. with her mother, Alison, in 2013.

Her main source of income today is working in the kitchen at Casa Mia Café.

She would rather her career evolve around belly dancing.

Amierah has enjoyed a few gigs as a performer, playing a belly dancer in the Confederation Centre of the Arts’ lighthearted production Aladdin – A Fairly Tall Tale – in 2015.

She also performed in Feast Dinner Theatre’s production called French Kiss.

Her business card, which promotes her as belly dancer, fitness instructor, singer and performer, illustrates her versatility.

The back of the card suggests just how open Amierah is to a host of teaching and performing options.

Among other offerings, the card notes Amierah is available for “family friendly’’ events and fundraisers as well as performing as a singing Disney princess for birthday parties.

Her latest venture is Bellydance Wings.

The class will start with regular belly dance instruction followed by the female participants attaching large, colourful wings to manipulate as part of their expressive dancing.

“It’s very liberating and it brings out your inner Goddess,’’ says Amierah.

“It’s for all ages and shapes of women. No dance or fitness experience is necessary.’’

Her mother, Alison, who serves as manager/unabashed cheerleader, will custom-make the Bellydance Wings costumes for the participants.

The one-hour classes, which will be held outside at Queen Elizabeth Park in Charlottetown, begin Monday.

To learn more about the classes or to register, call Amierah at 902-367-4528.


To see Amy Amierah demonstrating her belly dancing technique, visit www.theguardian.pe.ca.





Amy Amierah, 34, of Charlottetown displays her colourful costume while performing bellydance wings – a unique dance she will be teaching outdoors in the capital city.

©Guardian photo by Jim Day