Youngsters find out it is prudent to stay off ice pans

Charlottetown firefighters take two youngsters off ice pan

Brian McInnis
Published on March 27, 2016


©Guardian photo by Brian McInnis

As long as there have been kids, there have been kids who love to hitch rides on ice pans and sometimes they need to be rescued as was the case Sunday near the wooden bridge over Andrew's Creek at the end of Acadian Drive in Charlottetown.

Firefighters Bobby Chandler and Adam Burke from Station #1 took the station's ice rescue boat and paddled out to the pan to get the youngsters, both nine-years-old, and take them back to shore. After they donned life jackets they were taken off the ice.

They were checked by Island EMS, but were a not injured, but were a bit scared. Two of their friends made it back to shore before the pan drifted away.