Merx family still awaiting word if it will be forced out of P.E.I.

Colin MacLean
Published on March 13, 2016

Eddy Merx, centre, and family.

©Submitted photo

Residency permit for Eddy Merx of Germany expired Feb. 25 but still living in Abram-Village

ABRAM-VILLAGE – A German man living in Abram-Village is still waiting to hear if he has to pack up his family and leave Canada.

Though attempts to contact them this week were unsuccessful, TC Media has learned that Eddy Merx and his five children were still in Canada as of Thursday.

The family’s residency permit expired Feb. 25, but they were allowed to stay in the country because of implied status (temporary residency). It’s a mechanism for people already in Canada who need more time between when their original permit expires and when their new application is processed.

It means, however, that the Merx family remains in limbo day-to-day. If their application to stay is denied, they would have to leave the country almost immediately or risk being deported.

“It’s not easy – it’s really hard,” Merx said in the days leading up to his original application running out.

Merx originally came to Canada four years ago to work as a truck driver. He applied for his family to become residents under the PNP program, however, when he and his wife separated and she returned to Germany, he had to stop trucking and take another job to look after their children, who remained with him in Canada.

The reduction in his income disqualified him from the PNP program. He has since applied to stay under another program.

He has said that Abram-Village has been very supportive of his family and that he’d like to be able to keep his family here. Most of his young children don’t even speak German fluently, he said, and reintegrating back into a society they don’t remember would be hard on them.

It’s unclear when he will receive official word on his family’s status.