P.E.I. man accused of throwing punch that left victim blind in one eye

Ryan Ross rross@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on February 9, 2016

Trevor Acorn leaves provincial court in Charlotettown on Feb. 8 after testifying during the trial for one of the men accused of assaulting him.

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Trevor Acorn still carries reminders from the night he was attacked in a Charlottetown boarding house.

They are in the eye he lost and the nine metal plates needed to rebuild his face and skull.

Whether or not Michael Robert Bryenton was one of the people responsible for his injuries is up to the courts after the first day of his aggravated assault trial got underway Monday.

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Bryenton, 36, and Jeremy Joseph Cummiskey are accused of beating Acorn so badly it left him with face and skull fractures, a bleeding brain and an eye that bulged out of its socket.

Acorn took the stand Monday in provincial court in Charlottetown where he testified Bryenton and Cummiskey went to his room in a boarding house on Nov. 24, 2015.

To get in, Acorn had to move a piece of 2x6 he braced against the door to keep people out.

Acorn said he opened the door and Bryenton asked him if a bag of 50 speed pills in the room was there for him.

After saying no, Bryenton threw a punch and then Cummiskey attacked him with the piece of wood, Acorn said.

"I remember getting cracked in the eye and beat on with a 2x6," Acorn testified.

Acorn said he had $1,600 in the room and was wearing a gold bracelet, all of which went missing after the attack.

Bryenton also testified Monday and refuted some of Acorn's version of events, saying he didn't punch Acorn.

He said he went to see Acorn because he was feeling "pill sick" and wanted to get opiates to make him feel better.

The court heard that was something Acorn had helped him with before.

Bryenton testified Cummiskey went with him, even though the two had never met before that day.

The court heard when Bryenton asked if someone had dropped the speed pills off for him Acorn got agitated and pushed him.

Bryenton said he pushed back and the next thing he knew Cummiskey hit Acorn in the head with the 2x6.

During Bryenton's testimony, he said he ran out of the room when Cummiskey hit Acorn a second time.

Bryenton said he knew he was in trouble because he had an outstanding warrant and he panicked when he saw blood.

"I just seen my friend's head get caved in," Bryenton said.

Although he had a criminal record that included assault convictions, Bryenton said he had fistfights before but didn't hit people with things.

"It's not my style," he said.

The trial resumed this afternoon with closing submissions from the Crown and defence. 


Douglas adjourned the case until Feb. 26 when he will deliver his decision.