O'Leary woman rolls up the rim to win a new car

Eric McCarthy newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on February 26, 2016

Bethany Pridham of O’Leary was already a fan of the Honda Civic before rolling up the rim on her Tim Hortons coffee cup on Monday morning and discovering she’s the winner of a 2016 model. She’ll continue to drive her Civic until her prize arrives in about six weeks.

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O’LEARY - Bethany Pridham had no plans to part with her 2014 Honda Civic this year, but the O’Leary resident admits that has become a real possibility.

The Tim Hortons coffee cup she rolled up after she arrived at work Monday morning revealed she had won a new car.

“It just says, ‘Win Civic,’” Pridham said of what she uncovered when she rolled up the rim of her Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win cup.

She had purchased the coffee at the O’Leary Corner drive-thru on her way to work in Alberton.

She feels she did a good job of containing her excitement.

“I didn’t scream,” she said.

“I asked the girls to look at the cup to see if I was seeing things.”

She showed the cup to the Tim Hortons staff the following morning and filled out the paperwork necessary to redeem her prize. She said she was advised the car should be delivered in about six weeks.

In the meantime, her current Civic will serve her just fine.

“I haven’t decided what to do yet,” she said about the white Civic she currently drives. “I have some things in mind.”