Fraud case adjourned

Ryan Ross
Published on February 2, 2016
Scales of justice

A woman who convinced several people to deposit stolen cheques in their bank accounts for her will be back in court in April for sentencing.

Nancy Ann Marie Paquet, 40, appeared before Judge John Douglas Wednesday in provincial court where she pleaded guilty to several charges.

Those charges included several counts of fraud, possessing stolen cheques and breaching the conditions of her probation.

Crown attorney Nathan Beck stayed several other charges against Paquet.

Beck detailed Paquet's involvement with three victims, telling similar stories of the accused approaching someone and asking if they would cash a cheque for her.

All of the cheques had forged signatures on them and came from a purse that was stolen during a function at the Murchison Centre in Charlottetown.

In one case, Beck said Paquet and her son told a man in a restaurant parking lot that their withdrawal limit was too low for them to deposit the cheques and get the money out right away.

He felt bad for them and deposited two cheques for a total of $1,250, withdrawing all but $10, Beck said.

The court heard Paquet paid him $40 for helping her.

Those cheques bounced.

Beck said the victim didn't know Paquet or her son, and the fraud affected his credit rating, leaving him with a debt to his bank.

Paquet repeated the scheme with two other victims over a span of fewer than three weeks, getting one of them to deposit a total of more than $1,000.

She paid that victim $20 for helping her.

Paquet got $320 from the other victim who thought she was a family friend.

None of the cheques went through, leaving the victims on the hook with their banks.

Although Beck said the police found no evidence the victims were intentionally involved in any fraud, Paquet's lawyer Jason Morais said his client disagreed.

Paquet also disputed some of the amounts involved, Morais said.

The case was adjourned until April 11 when Paquet will return for sentencing.