No jail for P.E.I. gas thief

Ryan Ross
Published on February 20, 2016


Anthony Tyler Doucette gets suspended sentence for his part in gas syphoning scheme

A Charlottetown man who was involved in a scheme that saw gas syphoned from a courier company's vehicles was given a suspended sentence Friday in provincial court.

Anthony Tyler Doucette, 22, appeared before Judge John Douglas in Charlottetown for sentencing after pleading guilty to theft.

Doucette and a co-accused drove a van to the courier company's parking lot and syphoned gas from vehicles.

The court heard the co-accused bought a van that looked like one of the courier company's.

He was previously sentenced to 30 days in jail.

The Crown and defence made a joint recommendation of a suspended sentence for Doucette and the court heard his involvement in the crime wasn't significant.

Before hearing his sentence, Doucette addressed the court and apologized, saying it wasn't something he would normally be involved with.

"I definitely won't be repeating that same mistake," he said.

With the suspended sentence, Douglas placed Doucette on probation for nine months and ordered him to pay $200 in restitution.

Doucette must also perform four hours of community service, pay a $100 victim surcharge and write an apology letter.