P.E.I. Price Watch looks at can of Heinz Alpha-getti

Published on February 14, 2016


No Frills lowest, Shoppers Drug Mart highest

How do you spell deal when it comes to buying canned pasta?

N-O- F-R-I-L-L-S.

In the latest instalment of P.E.I. Price Watch, our eagle-eyed shoppers went looking for a can of Heinz Alphagetti pasta, a 398-mL can.

No Frills in Stratford was charging $1.57 a can.

The same pasta treat can be purchased for a few cents more at Bob’s General Store in Charlottetown, which was charging $1.69.

Sobeys was charging another dime more, $1.79.

Atlantic Superstore was charging $1.99 when The Guardian checked in earlier this week.

Needs Convenience Stores wanted $1.89.

Meanwhile, the most expensive price was found at Shoppers Drug Mart, where the price tag topped out at $2.19.