Bomb threats called into two federal buildings in Charlottetown

Ryan Ross
Published on January 6, 2016

Hundreds of employees sent home from DVA, Jean Canfield buildings as police dogs sweep through

Two bomb threats sent hundreds of federal employees out on the streets of Charlottetown, and eventually home Wednesday.

The first call came in around 11 a.m. with a bomb threat against the Veterans Affairs Canada headquarters on Grafton Street.

Gary McGuigan, deputy chief of operations for Charlottetown Police Services said that DVA security began an evacuation plan when the call came in.

Police arrived and did an initial sweep of the building with the DVA security staff.

That sweep turned up nothing but just to be sure, a request was sent for a police dog from Moncton that is trained in sniffing for explosives, said McGuigan.

“As a precautionary measure we’ll have the dog, the canine unit, do a cursory search of the building,” said McGuigan.

The New Brunswick police dog arrived, as did a P.E.I.-based dog and the two set to work through the DVA building.

That ended about 3 p.m. with nothing found and moments later a bomb threat was called into the nearby Jean Canfield federal building.

It is home to a variety of federal department offices, including spill-over office space for DVA employees.

Staff from the morning threat at DVA went over to the Confederation Court Mall and the Confederation Centre of the Arts during the evacuation, then went home for the day.

Staff at the Canfield building also went home for the day after the call came in.

Nothing was found at either federal building so now analysis begins to see if the call can be traced and a suspect identified, Charlottetown Police Services told The Guardian.