Mini-home park owner on the hook for demolition costs in Summerside

Nancy MacPhee
Published on January 4, 2016

The City of Summerside has been asked to step in to ensure a property in Vivian Lee Park is either cleaned up or demolished.

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SUMMERSIDE - The owner of a Summerside mini-home park has picked up the demolition costs to tear down a derelict property within its boundaries.

The property at 9 Grant Dr., within the Vivian Lee Park, was recently torn down at the city's request.

Finance director, Rob Philpott, said the city planned to pay the company that did the work and invoice the property owner, Garden Province Realtors Ltd., for the cost.

But Blake Craig, with Garden Province Realtors, said his company already paid the demolition costs and additional costs to clear out the abandoned mobile home.

"We're looking after it all. The city is not involved in any of the costs," said Waite.

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The state of the more than 40-year-old abandoned mobile home had been discussed at previous council meetings.

The home sat vacant for some time.

Its owner, a client of the Department of Health and Wellness' adult protection program, is now residing in a local villa.

A caseworker had gone to the home in the summer and refused to enter.

An environmental health officer, along with the city's building officer, later went to inspect the home, finding it unlocked and, too, refused to enter due to its state.

A 'dangerous and hazardous building' notice was placed on the property and its water and electricity disconnected.

Waite said the cost to demolish the home was about $5,700.

"It is pretty close to $12,000 we are out of pocket so far," said Craig. "We had to clear the home out of the contents, rent a dumpster and all that kind of stuff."

He added that the lot is now cleared and ready for a new home.