Guests evacuate Rodd Royalty hotel as smoke fills building

Nigel Armstrong
Published on January 11, 2016

Firefighters work around the main entrance of the Rodd Royalty Inn Monday night.

©THE GUARDIAN/Nigel Armstrong

Problem in electrical panel forces guests in 25 rooms of main building to leave

The Rodd Royalty hotel was evacuated Monday as smoke filled the main building.

Charlottetown Fire Services station two responded just after 8:30 p.m.

"When we arrived there was a small electrical fire in one of the electrical panels in the utility room," said Tim Mamye, deputy fire chief of the department.

"It looks like there might have been a small water leak into (the panel)," said Mamye.

Hotel staff had doused the panel, located in the basement of the two-storey structure, with a fire extinguisher but smoke remained throughout the building. The main power was cut and fans brought in to try to rid smoke from all three levels of the building, said Mamye.

Guests left the hotel when the fire alarms began sounding. Some were later escorted by firefighters with flashlights back into the building to get their belongings.

Some guest relocated to the adjacent motel units on the property, other guests were taken to the Rodd Charlottetown in the city's downtown where about 12 rooms were made available.

"Electricians are in to look at the damage that was done to the panel to see if it is safe to turn on any power source at all," said Mamye at the scene at 10:30 p.m. "Our fire inspector is down there with them now and once they verify how much damage was done to the panel and how much they can reenergize, we will begin a full inspection.

Temperatures had begun to drop below zero degrees just a few hours before the fire, and were expected to drop to about minus ten degrees over night.