Claudia Hehr is Canada's 'Dr. Doolittle'

Ontario woman on a cross-Canada tour claims she communicates with animals telepathically

Dave Stewart
Published on July 4, 2015

Type 'talking to animals' into Google and 198 million searches come up.
Zoolingualism is defined as the power to talk to animal life forms and understand their reactions.

Claudia Hehr considers herself to be a modern day Dr. Dolittle.

The Ontario resident says she can talk to animals, and they can talk to her.

She's on a cross-Canada tour, giving free presentations and meeting one-on-one with anyone who reaches out to her. That tour includes Charlottetown.

"I communicate with animals through telepathy and translate messages into words for people to hear,'' Hehr told The Guardian on Thursday.

Hehr acknowledges how crazy it sounds but she's quick to add that people have been quick to dismiss truths throughout human history.

"People used to believe the earth was flat. Now they know it's not but they believed it (at one time).''

Hehr explains that she developed a special bond with animals during a rather unhappy childhood growing up in Germany.

Both her parents were alcoholics. Learning how to read their different moods was essential to her daily existence.

"I had to know how to act to survive,'' she said.

It was then she developed a special bond with animals. They offered her an escape. Then she saw the Eddie Murphy movie Dr. Dolittle.

"I knew then this was what I wanted to do. I took an introductory telepathy course (in New York) and here I am.''

She travels with five dogs and three cats in a motor home, all rescued from bad homes, Hehr said. To save money and make sure her pets are well fed, she camps out in supermarket parking lots and drives slow to conserve fuel.

Hehr said travelling across the country is a dream she's been wanting to follow for years. Her goal is to raise awareness about how people can "talk'' with animals.

"I gave up my apartment and all my possessions,'' Hehr said. "I always have good food for my animals. This tour isn't about making money; it's about spreading the word about animals.''

Hehr said everyone has the ability to communicate with animals.

"It's a universal language but I call it a soul-to-soul connection. Most people are not aware of it and have to be taught to use it. I want to change the paradigm that exists around animals. It's time to wake up and see animals as equals. There's way more (to them) than what we believe.''

For more information, go to Hehr's website at She's also on Facebook. Just search for Claudia Hehr's Voice of the Animals.

Claudia Hehr is on P.E.I. as part of a cross Canada tour in which she will communicate with animals.