Furnace oil down, gasoline stable in latest P.E.I. price adjustment

Published on December 31, 2015

Gas prices

Wholesale prices of furnace oil, diesel have moderated lately says Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission is ringing in the new year with some changes to petroleum prices on P.E.I.

Effective today, there is no change in the price of gasoline while furnace oil, stove oil, and diesel will all decrease by two cents per litre.

Propane is a bit more complicated. The price will increase by two tenths of one cent for Superior Propane but drop 1.3 cents for Irving and drop by 1.5 cents for Kenmac propane.

"Pump prices for regular unleaded gasoline at self-serve outlets will continue to range from 95.9 cents per litre to 97.0," said a statement issued by the commission. " Maximum before-tax propane prices will now range from 67.7 cents per litre to 69.7."

The maximum price for furnace oil will now amount to 70.6 cents per litre, plus tax.

"While the wholesale price of gasoline has stabilized in recent days, the wholesale prices of furnace oil and diesel have moderated lately, allowing for the price adjustments announced today," said the commission.

The next price adjustment is set for Jan.15.