Charlottetown adult store owner still waiting for variance

Dave Stewart
Published on August 19, 2014

Taboo Company adult store and smoke shop in Charlottetown, on Euston Street at the corner with Hillsborough St.

The owner of an adult novelty store in Charlottetown says it’s time to move on.

Chaylon Brewster is still waiting to hear the status of his request for a variance from the city for Taboo Company on Euston Street.

City council was set to vote on that variance request over a month ago but the matter was deferred at Coun. Mitchell Tweel’s request. He represents the area.

Tweel wanted to hold off so council could hold a committee of the whole meeting, which are almost always held behind closed doors.

Council still hasn’t met on the issue. There are council meetings between now and the next regular public monthly meeting on Sept. 8 but the sex shop hasn’t officially been added to the agenda of any of them.

The variance Brewster needs is a “change of use” allowance for the business. It is subject to a development agreement setting out what Brewster can display in his windows, something the owner says he has already complied with.

Brewster told The Guardian he has spoken to Mayor Clifford Lee.

“(Lee) told me there was nothing illegal (about the store) or about anything that we’re doing, so he basically wants to put an end to this,” Brewster said.

The city’s planning board said it couldn’t find any legal reason why the adult store couldn’t operate. It was the board’s recommendation that council approve the variance. Council does not have to follow the board’s advice.

Brewster said he just wants to move on and get his variance so he can make improvements to the store that aren’t possible until council gives the green light.

“I’m looking like the place some people are trying to paint me to be because the place looks decrepit and I’m trying to clean it up. I want to get my signs up and move on.’’