Police still awaiting DNA tests on body found in May

Published on July 9, 2014
Police teams work at a wooded site in Stratford where there the body of a man was found Thursday afternoon. The private land where the body was located among trees is beside Tea Hill Park. The landowner and a hired assistant were clearing brush when they discovered the remains of what appeared to be a male.
Nigel Armstrong - The Guardian

Police say they are still not able to confirm the identity of a body found just off the Keppoch Road in May.

Sgt. Leanne Butler of the RCMP said late last week they are hoping the victim’s DNA will help reveal just who this person was.

But DNA testing takes time, she stressed.

“On television, DNA testing takes an hour,” Butler said. “In real life, it takes a lot longer than that.”

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The body was discovered in a wooded area and appeared to have been there for some time.

Police were not able to connect the body with any missing persons at that time.

An autopsy was conducted in Halifax.