Prince County man jailed 82 days for offences

TC Media
Published on July 22, 2014
Prince County Court House

SUMMERSIDE — A 28-year-old Prince County man was sentenced to 82 days in jail after pleading guilty Thursday in provincial court here to two charges of driving while suspended, and single charges of breach of probation and failure to comply with an undertaking.

Jonathan Floyd Gavin was charged with driving while disqualified on March 17, after he drove his car into a ditch.

The second driving while disqualified charge came after Gavin drove past the home of a former girlfriend on May 30. The woman called police and told them that there was a stay-away order in place and she was concerned about his presence near her home.

Gavin was charged with failure to comply with an undertaking on June 24 after he repeatedly texted and made phone calls to the woman, commenting on whether she was at home or not.

The breach of probation charge was laid after Gavin drove by the woman’s house again.

Defence counsel Trish Cheverie told the court there was no hint of violence in any of the communiqués her client had with the woman and that he was attempting to remove the roadblocks of the stay-away order and set up a line of communication and of friendship in light of a failed relationship.

She said her client realizes now that this is not going to happen and was ready to move on in his life.

Judge Jeff Lantz sentenced Gavin to 45 days on the failure to comply charge, 30 days consecutive on the breach of probation charge, and seven days consecutive on the second driving while disqualified charge. He was also prohibited from driving a motor vehicle for 18 months.

Gavin was also fined $1,000 on the first driving while disqualified charge and prohibited from diving for 12 months.

Lantz put Gavin on 24-months' probation on all charges and ordered him to pay $500 in victim fine surcharges.