There are many ways to beat the heat, but diving off a wharf is the best

Brian McInnis
Published on July 20, 2014

Most of July has been hot and humid and just what the doctor ordered after the really wet and cold spring that ended last month.

But even too much of a good thing can be, well, too much of a good thing and so people are flocking to the Island's beaches to beat the heat and stay cool for an an afternoon of laying around the sand.

One popular spot is the Covehead Wharf near Brackley Beach in the P.E.I National Park. This past weekend the parking lot of the wharf was jammed with vehicles of people who were either eating at restaurants on the wharf or more than likely of people soaking up the cool ocean breeze while relaxing on the beach.

Since jumping off the Covehead bridge has been banned due to safety reasons, youngster are now jumping into safer waters from the wharf.

The heat and humidity may be starting to bother some people, but the truth is that in the not too distant future Islanders will be dreaming of getting back to the beach and diving off the wharf into cool waters once again.