Water usage restricted in Charlottetown

Residents may not hose off driveways and must refrain from watering gardens except in early morning and evening

Published on June 2, 2014

Charlottetown water restrictions.

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Seasonal water restrictions are now in place in Charlottetown.

The restrictions are mandatory and allow for outdoor watering only in the early morning and evening hours from Sunday, June 1, to Sept. 30.

The hosing off of driveways and other hard surfaces is prohibited under the seasonal restrictions.


The city's water and sewer department says the Winter River watershed is most vulnerable to water extraction during the summer and it is important for all residents to follow the mandatory water restrictions to ease the strain on the watershed during the drier months.

The city asks that customers use water carefully, both indoors and outdoors, in order to preserve and protect water supplies.

If conditions are dry and the water extraction rates are high, the utility will implement water shortage restrictions that prohibit all lawn watering and limit car washing to once a week.