First guilty plea entered after Charlottetown drug raids

Ryan Ross
Published on February 5, 2014
Operation Clean Sweep

Charlottetown police have their first guilty plea from a recent drug bust after one of the people arrested in Operation Clean Sweep appeared in provincial court Wednesday.

Steven Wallace Frizzell, 40, appeared before Judge Nancy Orr where he pleaded guilty to five charges, including trafficking cocaine and possession of a weapon.

Frizzell, who has been in custody since the police arrested almost 40 people last week, was scheduled to appear before a justice of the peace for a show cause hearing to determine if he should be released.

But instead of going through with the hearing, Frizzell agreed to plead guilty with the understanding that he would be released until he is sentenced.

He was then moved to provincial court to enter his plea before Orr.

Charlottetown police arrested almost 40 people last week in the largest operation in the force's history, which also led to the seizure of more than $400,000 worth of drugs.

The details of Frizzell's offences weren't read into the record, but he pleaded guilty to two counts of trafficking cocaine dating back to October.

He also pleaded guilty to producing cannabis resin, possessing marijuana and possessing a weapon that was a combination brass knuckles and stun gun.

The latter offences occurred in January.

Frizzell is facing a mandatory minimum of one year in jail for cocaine trafficking because he has a related prior record.

Federal Crown attorney Gary Demeulenaere told the court Frizzell wanted to be released to get his affairs in order before his sentencing.

Orr released him under several conditions, including that he stay in P.E.I. until his sentencing and that he report to the police every Friday.

The Crown and defence will file an agreement statement of the facts in the case by Feb. 14.

Frizzell is set to appear again in court on Feb. 26 to set a date for sentencing.