Bridge tolls going up

Published on December 14, 2012
Confederation Bridge

Toll rates will increase slightly by 25 cents for passenger vehicles crossing the Confederation Bridge in 2013.

The announcement was made Friday by Strait Crossing Bridge Ltd. after Transport Canada approved 2013 round trip toll rates for traffic using the Confederation Bridge, effective Jan.1.

The toll for passenger cars, trucks and SUVs will increase to $44.50 in 2013, up from $44.25.

The only other increase approved was for cyclists which also went up 25 cents to $8.50 from $8.25.

The cost remains at $7.25 per additional axle for larger vehicles such as transport trucks and buses.

The toll for a motorcycle remains at $17.75, and pedestrians will pay $4.25 per person, which is the same as 2012.