“Chasing Coral” takes P.E.I. audiences on an underwater journey

Published on July 16, 2017

Jamie Redford, left, of the Redford Centre reacts to Jeff Orlowski, director, during a question and answer session following the screening of Orlowski’s film, “Chasing Coral” at the 2017 Prince Edward Island Film, Food & Ideas Festival in Charlottetown on Saturday night.


CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Audience members were taken on an underwater adventure on Saturday night during the screening of “Chasing Coral” at the 2017 Prince Edward Island Film, Food & Ideas Festival in Charlottetown.

Filled with breathtaking underwater cinematograph of the blossoming coral reefs and the creatures that reside there, the 93-minute film took theatregoers to new depths in understanding the fragile future of coral at various locations but mainly at the Great Barrior Reef in Australia.

In the film a marine biologist shares photographic evidence that 80-90 per cent of the corals in the Florida Keys have been lost over the past 30 years. And that worldwide, coral loss is over 50 per cent.

Emceed by Jamie Redford of the Redford Centre with Jeff Orlowski, the director, the screening concluded with a question and answer session.

“Chasing Coral” is the story of an ad man, a coral nerd and some top notch camera designers and marine biologists as they event the first time-lapse camera to record bleaching events as they happen.