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Funding Grant Application

The Guardian Book Sale for Literacy, in partnership with the Hillsborough Rotary Club, was again very successful in raising money to further education and literacy in Prince Edward Island. At this time we are accepting grant applications for funds to projects indicating the ability to aid or further literacy.

Submissions will be evaluated by the funding committee and processed by late January. We will advise applicants of their successful status via email and/or phone.

The deadline for submission is December 13th at 5:00 p.m.

(Feel free to email, mail or drop off additional sheets to this application form as needed.)

1. Organizations applying for funding must demonstrate the ability to aid or further literacy on PEI through non-profit projects. (Submitting a charitable registration number with their application is suggested. Only one application per organization/school or company will be accepted.)

2. Preference will be given to projects affecting the widest number of people and demonstrating the greatest need in their communities.

3. Projects of all sizes and fund requests will be considered.

4. Information about other sources of funding for the proposed projects must be submitted as part of the application.

5. Projects receiving funds must be substantially completed within one year from date of disbursement.

6. Grants will not be considered for clothing/uniforms, furniture, construction, debt retirement, or administrative expenses.

7. All submissions must be complete.

8. You may include as much information as you feel is necessary beyond the application page supplied.

9. Applications must be submitted before or by December 13 at 5:00 p.m. No exceptions.

10. The funding committee reserves the right to make changes to these criteria and as deemed appropriate to all interested parties. The decision of the funding committee will be final and binding.

Completed applications can delivered to:
The Guardian Book Sale Grant Application
C/O Tracy Stretch
Drop off in person: 165 Prince Street, Charlottetown
Mail to: 165 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PE C1N 4K5

For more information contact:
Tracy Stretch
Marketing Manager |Newspapers in Education Coordinator
The Guardian
902-629-6866 |