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Myrna Ramsay’s first children’s book being launched Saturday Aug. 12

Myrna Ramsay will launch her first children’s book on Aug. 12 at the Summerside Rotary Library.
Myrna Ramsay will launch her first children’s book on Aug. 12 at the Summerside Rotary Library.

Alysha Campbell Journal Pioneer SUMMERSIDE, PE.I. - Myrna Ramsay, 65, has self-published a children’s book answering some of the never-ending questions of curious little ones.

“Story Time with Billy” follows a curious boy who wants to learn more about God through his neighbourhood as he tries to find answers to his questions.

This isn’t Ramsay’s first published work, but it is her first children’s book as well as first religious work.

Ramsay grew up in West Point and now lives in Summerside.

She wrote and self-published the book, with a little help from her son when it comes to computers.

After having a few short stories published in an Island magazine in the 1990’s, she took a break around the time when typewriters started to be replaced by computers.

“I could not imagine myself writing on a computer,” she said.

Then, life got in the way, Ramsay said.

With a growing family, writing took a back seat to life.

Now, she has welcomed the computer and the concept of publishing from home.

Nine years ago, she became actively involved in the Salvation Army children’s ministry.

She reworked the ideas they taught from the Bible to help the children understand the message, she said.

“One day I realized, ‘Hey, I’m writing again.”

The children are now the reason she writes, and she loves it, she said

“Their questions were the inspiration for ‘Story Time with Billy,’ and I hope I have answered some of their questions with the book.”

The children’s book is currently her only project in the works.

“I want to get this book off the ground first,” she said.

While she sets her sights on small stores willing to sell copies of her book, she also sells copies herself from home and online.

“Story Time with Billy,” will be officially launched today at the Summerside Rotary Library from 1 to 3 p.m. The event will include a reading as well as cupcakes and refreshments, and of course book signings.

Ramsay has always dreamed of being a successful writer.

“It’s now or never; I’m not getting any younger.”

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