Grand River-Bayside Tractor Run parades along P.E.I. roads

Published on August 30, 2017

The recent Grand River-Bayside Tractor Run attracted many vehicles this year. Together they paraded through the community. A total of 53 tractors were involved in the run this year.

©Lowell Palmer/Special to The Guardian

Encountering a tractor on Island roads in August is hardly an uncommon sight, but seeing dozens of them on parade is another story.

Anyone in the Grand River area this month would have been treated to the sight of the annual Grand River-Bayside Tractor Run.

The event has been attracting vintage, antique and unique tractors and their drivers for a group joyride since 2010.

Getting together and parading with the vintage gear is an indescribable feeling, said Carter MacDougall, one of several organizers involved in the event.

“It’s kind of hard to explain,” laughed MacDougall.

“It’s just a fun afternoon. It’s kind of a social event, too, and a lot of the guys enjoy getting out on the old tractors and just having a fun day with them.”

The run got started as idle chitchat at the Grand River community picnic. Many in the community are engaged in mutli-generational farming operations, so there was no shortage of interest in and access to tractors, new and old.

Eventually somebody brought up the idea of doing a run with the old workhorse farm equipment and MacDougall’s parents, Danny and Jackie, volunteered their garage as the first starting point.

There were 33 tractors the first year. After that, the organizers started trying to spread the word and the event has grown steadily. There were 53 tractors this year, leaving from the Grand River Hall.  

Anyone interested in learning more about the run or getting a heads up on when they start gearing up for next year’s run can contact them through their Facebook page at,