Growler station at P.E.I. liquor store aims to increase sales of local beer

Published on July 13, 2017

A new "growler station" has been installed at the liquor store in Borden-Carleton's Gateway Village with the aim of promoting and increasing sales of Island-made beer.

©Wikimedia Commons

BORDEN-CARLETON, P.E.I. – A state-of-the-art pouring station at Borden-Carleton’s Gateway Village will help promote P.E.I. breweries.

The new “growler station” has been installed at the Gateway liquor store, and features local beer producers like Moth Lane, P.E.I. Brewing Company, Gahan House, Upstreet Bewery and Barnone.

It’s part of the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission’s efforts to expand its stores’ craft beer selection.

“The Gateway store historically has the highest percentage of local sales,” said the Allen Roach, minister responsible for the liquor commission.

“With many of the Borden-Carleton store’s customers being tourists, what better place is there to introduce a new Growler Station giving customers access to a larger selection of local products?”

The station is an addition to the store’s “Buy P.E.I.” section, designated to featuring local wine, beer and spirits.

The commission expects the station to help increase the sales of local products while ensuring alcohol is sold in a socially responsible manner.