Popular wig retailer in Moncton opens shop in Cornwall

Maureen Coulter comment@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on June 8, 2014

Ambyr MacDonald, left, puts a wig on hairdresser Jennifer McWilliams to demonstrate how realistic the hand-tied and machine made wigs look. Martinique Wigs recently opened up shop in MacDonald’s hair studio, Flair for Hair, in Cornwall.

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CORNWALL — When Nancy’s hair started falling out recently it bothered her two children, aged 10 and 7.

Nancy, 50, was diagnosed with cancer in April and the treatment has been causing hair loss. When she asked around, she soon found out her options for buying a wig were limited.

Then Moncton retailer Martinique Wigs opened a shop in Cornwall and Nancy was quick to make an appointment.

Nancy’s new wig is so realistic that in order to keep her secret, The Guardian has agreed not to use her last name.

“This is sort of my dramatic debut.”

Owners of Martinique Wigs and WigsCan Inc, Charline Cormier and her daughter Paris Malenfant, are passionate about their job. Their mandate is to help women through the difficult time of being diagnosed with cancer with a positive experience at their shop through knowledge, care and support.

Martinique Wigs offer a complimentary 20-minute one-on-one consultation for anyone who is going through medical hair loss. They will advise the patient what they are going to go through and what to expect, when their hair will fall out, and how it will feel to help ease the stress of hair loss.

“We fit clients, but we also help them through the transition,” said Malenfant.

They also encourage women not to shave their heads; the hairdressers can remove the hair as part of the service.

The European wigs offered at Martinique Wigs are exclusive to WigsCan Inc. There are 30 different retailers across Canada carrying the WigsCan Inc. wigs and the representatives have to offer the same degree of service that Martinique Wigs does with their product.

Ambyr MacDonald, owner of Flair For Hair, is the representative for the Cornwall location.

MacDonald has owned Flair For Hair for four years and is happy to represent the second location of Martinique Wigs at her business.

“I wanted to service people so they wouldn’t have to travel all the way to Moncton so that it is closer to home for them.”

When a person isn’t feeling well, they don’t feel like travelling, she said.

“I hope to help as many people as I can throughout P.E.I.”

MacDonald wants to help women going through cancer feel comfortable. The consultation area is closed off and offers privacy for the client.

That was part of the service that Nancy liked.

“Ambyr was really nice and very patient and she is a very touchy-feely kind of person so she is very compassionate,” said Nancy.

Also, when Nancy called with an issue, MacDonald fit her right in.

The business also offers wigs and hair pieces to women with thin hair. Hair loss is considered medical and it could be covered under their insurance, Malenfant said.

Martinique Wigs offers a variety of machine made and hand-tied wigs along with synthetic and human hair. The prices for synthetic wigs range from $280-690, the human hair tends to be a bit more expensive.

“The synthetic wigs are actually the nicest, they are the most beautiful wigs,” said Malenfant. “We recommend synthetic because the hair is always perfect.”