Get ready now for 10-digit dialing

Published on June 29, 2014

Beginning Aug. 23, 10-digit local dialing — the area code followed by the seven-digit phone number — will be introduced in Prince Edward Island.

Special numbers like 9-1-1 will still be dialed using three digits — no area code will be required.

Between Aug. 23 and Nov. 16, there will be a three-month transition period during which communications using only seven digits will be connected, but only after a network announcement prompts callers to dial all 10 digits the next time.

To avoid any inconveniences that may be caused by this message, the Telecommunications Alliance, a group of major telecommunications companies operating in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, is inviting the population to get ready and adopt 10-digit dialing right away.

“If they have not already done so, residents and businesses are urged to add the 902 area code to programmed numbers in all of their communications devices and equipment including wireline and wireless phones, auto dialers, computers, alarm systems and lifeline equipment,” said Glen Brown, spokesperson for the Canadian Numbering Administrator which is the organization responsible for the administration of Canada’s telephone numbers.

“They should also include their 10-digit phone numbers on stationary, cheques, advertising, and update their employee, client, supplier, and other databases before Aug. 23, 2014. The goal of our communications efforts is to ensure that everyone is prepared ahead of time”