Fully serviced sites open at Lord Selkirk Campground

Dave Stewart dstewart@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on June 29, 2014

Lord Selkirk Park

ELDON — The new Lord Selkirk Campground is officially open for the season.

Keir White, general manager of the Belfast Community Development Corporation, told The Guardian on Thursday there have been some big changes.

“There are 56 three-way sites now installed on the upper part of the park,’’ White said, adding that there has been a lot of interest from seasonal campers. “There are more plans for expansion in the near future with the clubhouse and the lower part of the park.’’

For now, the sites that weren’t serviced before in the lower portion of the park are still not serviced and will still be utilized mostly by tenters.

This will be the first summer for the campground under the community’s control. It had been run as one of the provincial campgrounds in the past but government decided to seek interest from the private sector when the campground continued to underperform.

The local development corporation stepped up and is going to run the campground, under a lease arrangement with government, along with its other duties, such as operating the nine-hole golf course, the community pool and the mini-putt.

With some financial help from the province, three-way sites were put in to help market the campground to a larger clientele.

Lord Selkirk Campground, located about 36 kilometres east of Charlottetown, is the third campground the province has leased out. The others are Green Park and Campbell’s Cove.

The office for the Lord Selkirk Campground has moved from the tiny building at the main entrance to the golf course pro shop. As White says, it’s a one-stop shop now.

Volunteers are also working hard behind the scenes to create more activity in the area, to give people more options that golf, mini-putting, the pool and the Croft House, adjacent from the campground, which is run by the local historical society. There will be a Halloween in July event, Christmas in August, a movie night every Friday and something called Florida Days on July 25 that will feature singer Kendall Docherty, who is from the area, among other surprises.

To book a site at the newly revitalized campground, call 659-2794.