UPDATE: Rocket lose Game 2

Jason Malloy
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Val-d'Or scores goals in bunches in second period

Vincent Dunn of Val'd'Or and Ryan Graves of the P.E.I Rocket both go down near the blue line in Rocket territory Saturday night during game two of their best of seven series.

The Val-d’Or Foreurs scored four goals in a three-minute flurry Saturday night to defeat the P.E.I. Rocket 8-3 at the Civic Centre.

The best-of-seven Quebec Major Junior Hockey League playoff series is tied at a game apiece heading to Val-d’Or for the next three games.

“They were just the better team tonight,” said Rocket winger Matt Bursey. “We just have to regroup and think about the next game. Playoffs are a rollercoaster, there’s a lot of up and a lot of downs. We have to put that game behind us and think about the next one.”

The Rocket entered the second period down 2-1. They tied it on Jimmy Oligny’s power-play goal at 5:29, but before the goal was announced the Foreurs responded.

Pierre-Maxime Poudrier, Anthony Mantha and Brandon Hynes scored 61 seconds apart and Hynes added another on the power play 1:44 later as Val-d’Or took a commanding 6-2 lead.

“They just got a couple of bounces and it took the wind right out of our sails,” said defenceman Alex Micallef, who scored the first period goal on a nice pass by Louick Marcotte and also rang a shot off the iron. “We had our chances and again we weren’t able to capitalize.”

Mantha’s second goal of the night at 12:23 of the second period chased Antoine Bibeau after he allowed seven goals on 24 shots, many with traffic in front of him.

“We have to take some accountability for it,” Micallef said. “We did leave him out to dry a little bit.”

Mantha, who added three assists for a five-point night, said it was important for them to bounce back after losing in overtime Friday.

“P.E.I. is really tough to beat in their building, so this is really good for our confidence,” he said.

Despite taking a 7-3 lead to the third period, Mantha said the team was focused on securing the victory. It watched a 6-0 lead against Gatineau recently disappear into a shootout loss.

The win gives Val-d’Or an opportunity to clinch the series on home ice.

“We feel pretty confident we’ll bring the series back to Charlottetown,” Micallef said.

Playoffs are a rollercoaster, there’s a lot of up and a lot of downs. We have to put that game behind us and think about the next one. Matt Bursey, Rocket winger

The Rocket had a 4-0 lead in Val-d’Or March 1, but lost 5-4. Micallef said they want to build on the things that helped them get that 4-0 lead.


Highlight reel


P.E.I. – 3

Val-d’Or – 8


P.E.I. – Alex Micallef, Jimmy Oligny and Ben Duffy.

Val-d’Or – Anton Zlobin, Guillaume Gelinas, Pierre-Maxime Podrier (2), Anthony Mantha (2) and Brandon Hynes (2).


P.E.I. – Louick Marcotte, Alexis Pépin, Ben Duffy, Josh Currie (2) and Matej Beran.

Val-d’Or – Anthony Mantha (3), Brandon Hynes, Cédrick Henley (2), Thierry Comtois, Randy Gazzola, Vincent Dunn(2), Anton Zlobin.


P.E.I. – Antoine Bibeau, 17 saves on 24 shots; Maxime Lagace six saves on seven shots.

Val-d’Or – Philippe Trudeau, 38 saves on 41 shots.

Power play

P.E.I. – two-for-seven

Val-d’Or – two-for-five

Announced attendance – 2,648

50/50 – $3910

Three stars

1. Anthony Matha

2. Randy Gazzola

3. Philippe Trudeau


Series recap

Game 1

P.E.I. 3 Val-d’Or 2 Overtime

Game 2

P.E.I. 3 Val-d’Or 8

Game 3

Tuesday in Val-d’Or

Game 4

Wednesday in Val-d’Or

Game 5

Friday in Val-d’Or

Game 6

Monday, April 1 in Charlottetown*

Game 7

Tuesday, April 2 in Charlottetown*

* If necessary

Organizations: Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

Geographic location: Val-d'Or

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Recent comments

  • Corey
    March 24, 2013 - 20:46

    people are dissing the Rocket you can guarantee that clown Hockey Fan will be on that bandwagon the only joke is you hockey fan never a positive comes out of your mouth.The boys need to regroup and come out hard in VD if they make the minor moves that needs to be fixed they will be fine

  • Rodney
    March 24, 2013 - 14:43

    Hope Duffy picks it up. Seems to be a little hesitation in his play. GO ROCKET GO

  • hockey fan
    March 24, 2013 - 14:29

    Hey people, yes there is a lot of negative comments here. I do not think the comments are really towards the players. They are toward the managemnt and Savard. This team has been here for ten years and every year but this one and the first they were a joke. People on this Island do not forget . They promise everything and give nothing. The managemnt is the joke on this team. One comment said it was like a game of shinny. That is true there is a lack of hitting at most of these games. People are fed up, hence the lack of crowds all season. Drop the price of tickets, sixteen dollars is not worth it at all. I don't know why Savard and his posse cannot understand this. Well , if they do not win this series they will be lucky to have 600 a night next year in the rink.

  • Moe
    March 24, 2013 - 12:14

    I thought Dwyer should have called a timeout when it was 4-2. He could have gotten them to regroup and they still would have been in the game. He didn't pull the goalie untill it was 7-2. I think the coach blew this game.

  • Lindy
    March 24, 2013 - 12:12

    Take off the rose coloured glasses people. That was a heartless performance last night. I'm all for supporting the Rocket and have been to most games this season but the negative comments are justified today. If you paid $16 to watch that performance, you have the right to be upset. Go Rocket, hopefully you guys can turn it around but everyone, including the players should not be happy with that result.

  • the Facilitaor
    March 24, 2013 - 11:57

    It was a disappointing game but I expect the Rocket will bounce back and make this series close. The Val-dOr Team played well and gave the Rocket few good scoring opportunities to score. In spite of this the Rocket did outshoot them. The lucky bounces were one sided. That's why, in hockey play-offs, they play a series of games and not just one.

  • Chris Currie
    March 24, 2013 - 11:19

    Well, here we go with the negative nay sayers, the Rocket win a GREAT game on Friday with and exciting OT win, they have a bad game in game 2 as a group, it happens, can't win every game...not to mention the refs don't help? And people have the nerve to say bye bye Rocket, and seem to be happy about it???...I am biased, and we know why, but even if i wasn't; it's sooo obvious and typical of a majority of the fan base here (but then again real fans would not post some of the things here that they do) why bother if your not a fan, mom always said, if ya got nothing good to say...shut up... This is the best team (product) that the Rocket have put together ever here and they lose 1 game in a best of SEVEN and that's it there done?? CMON guys/gals. I'm at the games and i don't know what it is, you won't cheer? They sit on their hands, ok, not the best rink, but if you want these guys to win, you have to show your support, players hear and feel this...it really does make a difference...so if you want them to win...be at the rink and cheer, if for some reason your jealous of their success (which is typical of the general attitude here on PEI, which i will never understand) then don't say anything and don't go to the games...I say good luck boys and bring er back here to win game 6 and 7! And SPORTS WHIZ, i don't understand your comment? What's your point? Your happy they lost? Are you that bored? And HOTEL ILlNESS, don't bother going to the games, you don't sound like a real hockey fan anyway, who cares if you couldn't hear Kirk...what does that have to do with anything?? And GOOD JOB, the boys are out in the community with the kids, ownership/management has put together a great product, they broke their record for most reg season pts, what else do you want? Everybody says bring a talented tough team..a few fights every game and the fans will come..K it's here, so where are you...it's pretty bad when Fiddler has to put it in his column that the fans have to come and support the team, shouldn't this be natural?? Good on Fiddler for doing it though. So if ya got nothing good to say..don't say it, you should be embarrassed for wanting them to lose? Just because your trolling the Guardian comments section, sure you have the right as a fan, but when you WANT them to loose and fail, your not even a fan of the game itself, you have no idea and probably never played the game? I may be wrong, but that's the perception i get...so just saying, and don't hide behind a false name, if your were a real fan you wouldn't... So, i hope they win the whole damn thing, it can happen, it's second season folks, that's why they play the games... Anyways...good luck boys..and lets see you back here for games 6 and 7!!!!

      March 24, 2013 - 13:50

      With all due respect Chris it's called sports entertainment & with it comes criticism,toughen up.Read my post again,this time without an attitude.I clearly praise the Rocket & their ability. As far as MacKinnon is concerned,it helps to be able to understand the PA announcer so one can know who & what is going on ... btw I' ve been supporting Island hockey since 1969,how about you ?

    March 24, 2013 - 10:48

    So I'm not misunderstood , this is not a slight towards the Rocket & their talent rather the usual lack luster crowd & lack of support .I paid my money & was treated to some great , fast hockey with little support from the home crowd simple as that , nothing more nothing less.Don't be so afraid to make some noise !

    March 24, 2013 - 09:44

    I had not been to a Rocket game in quite a while and now I know why.First of all I was very surprised to see so many empty seats however I was assured by my fellow Rocket supporters that this was a " good turnout " after all the hometown team was having one of it's best seasons in a long time.The action was fast but are they not allowed to hit in the Q ? It was like watching a good game of shinny.I also had forgotten how quiet Rocket fans are,what a dead bunch.The only uplifting part of the show was the rink announcer who spoke so fast that it was entertaining just to try and decipher what he was plugging.Good luck Rocket with Val Dor , I won' t be back.

  • As Always
    March 24, 2013 - 07:40

    As usual, the people with negative comments are quick off the draw. I hope the Rocket take out Val Dor quickly so they can move on to their next victims!

  • Ace Freely
    March 24, 2013 - 04:01

    Tough loss, but this team isn't done yet, did you guys expect them to go undefeated in the playoffs as the seventh seed? They are facing a strong opponent and it is gut check time! I think Currie and Dwyer have what it takes to get things back on track. They lost one game and the negative posts flow in, funny no one posted anything after the game one OT victory but jump all over them when they lose. It has been a great season of entertsining hockey, good luck in Quebec guys! See you back at the CCC next week!

  • Good Job
    March 23, 2013 - 22:53

    As always. Biggest crowd in years and they come up with this kind of effort. I doubt we will see another game this season. Good Riddance Rocket and Bring on the PEI Islanders!! Now all we can hope for is new ownership...

  • Sports Whiz
    March 23, 2013 - 21:15

    Next 3 games in Val Dor means bye-bye Rocket..See ya next season!!