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Results of the survey

Charlottetown City Council recently passed a bylaw limiting the number of parking spaces that can be used for restaurant patios. If the number of requests exceeds the limit, a lottery will be held to decide which restaurants get permits. Do you think this is fair?

  • 46% Yes
  • 53% No

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Are you going to watch the U.S. presidential debate Monday night?


How are the Charlottetown Islanders going to do this year in the QMJHL?


How do you think school evacuations were handled after Wednesday's bomb threat?


Has the video of the Belle River couple being arrested by a Halifax police officer shaken your confidence in the police?


When do you pack away your summer clothing?

Recent survey

Should the Confederation Centre end the practice of having the entire audience stand for the arrival and departure of dignitaries on opening nights?

  • 66% Yes
  • 34% No

Studies link sugar in food to heart disease and obesity. Are you going to reduce your consumption of sugar?

  • 51% Yes, I already have
  • 6% No, I don't believe the studies
  • 43% Everything in moderation

Do you think Charlottetown will get a new arena as a result of Thursday's Canada Games announcement?

  • 74% Yes
  • 26% No

With the announcement Giant Tiger is coming to Charlottetown, what big retailer would you most like to see in P.E.I.?

  • 6% The Bay
  • 10% IKEA
  • 70% Costco
  • 2% Simons
  • 0% Nordstrom
  • 5% JC Penney
  • 7% Sak's Fifth Avenue

What do you think of the new roundabout on Brackley Point Road?

  • 24% Great. It's long overdue.
  • 57% Totally unnecessary and a waste of money
  • 19% Something had to be done to that intersection, but the roundabout is not working

Do you think Peter MacKay's announcement that he will not seek the federal Conservative leadership will affect the party's chances of getting re-elected?

  • 28% Yes
  • 37% No
  • 35% It depends on who is ultimately named leader

Do you think the Bell Internet contract with the province should be made public?

  • 86% Yes -- Islanders have a right to know what taxpayers are paying for
  • 4% No -- It involves a private company so the details cannot be made public
  • 10% Partially -- Government can release more of the details without making the whole document public

Are you planning to take in the P.E.I. International Shellfish Festival later this week?

  • 17% I sure am
  • 78% No, not interested
  • 5%

Do you think the new measures in place at the QEH will improve waiting times?

  • 41% Yes
  • 59% No

Should Kevin Kenneth McMurrer be released on full parole after being sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his estranged wife in 1989?

  • 17% Yes, he has served his time and deserves to be released.
  • 83% No, he should never be released.