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Results of the survey

A committee has been struck to find ways to encourage more people to use the Charlottetown Airport. What does the Prince Edward Island Airport have to do to get you to Fly P.E.I.?

  • 17% Offer more flight options.
  • 78% Reduce the cost to fly out of P.E.I.
  • 4% Nothing, I use the Charlottetown Airport all the time.

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How do you feel the drop off and pick up of students went today?


Were you shocked to learn that a terrorism-related arrest was made on P.E.I.?


Music P.E.I. has announced the Credit Union May Run Music Festival to be held in Charlottetown in May. Do you think this will be a good draw for P.E.I. tourism's shoulder season?


P.E.I.'s privacy commissioner says the QEH should not be displaying personal information about patients in its emergency room for all to see. Do you agree?


In light of Saturday's propane fire at Walmart in Charlottetown, which forced the evacuation of hundreds of nearby residents, do you believe using propane for your home is still safe?

Recent survey

The Island Green Party has released its platform for the upcoming election. How do you think the party will do?

  • 6% They will win all of their seats.
  • 15% They will win a couple of seats.
  • 16% The leader, Peter Bevan-Baker, will be the only one to win a seat.
  • 63% They won't win any seats.

How would you rate snow removal efforts in your neighbourhood?

  • 64% Thumbs up
  • 36% Thumbs down

Prime Minister Stephen Harper intends to ask Parliament to extend and expand Canada's participation in the war against Islamic extremists in Iraq. Do you support his plan?

  • 46% Yes
  • 54% No

March Madness is upon us. Who do you think is going to win the NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball championships?

  • 41% Kentucky
  • 4% Wisconsin
  • 4% Villanova
  • 9% Duke
  • 1% Lafayette
  • 1% Maryland
  • 10% North Carolina
  • 4% Arizona
  • 6% Georgetown
  • 20% Other

Should Prince Edward Island have a child advocate to help in child custody cases?

  • 94% Yes
  • 6% No

Are you travelling for March Break?

  • 12% Yes
  • 88% No

As of May 6, the section of University Avenue from Grafton Street to Euston Street will be renamed Great George Street. Do you agree with the name change?

  • 42% Yes
  • 58% No

Treasury Board President Tony Clement says banning the wearing of face-covering veils during citizenship ceremonies is necessary to assert Canadian values of gender equality and openness. Do you agree?

  • 72% Yes
  • 28% No

Should there be a roundabout at the four-way intersection of Rattenbury Road and St.Mary's Road in Stanley Bridge?

  • 38% Yes
  • 62% No

Neil Robinson, P.E.I.'s conflict of interest commissioner, has resigned after concerns were raised about his financial investment in the company that is linked to the controversial e-gaming initiative. Did he have to resign?

  • 84% Yes
  • 16% No