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During Premier Robert Ghiz's year-end interviews with media, he put forth statements that only served to show his complete disconnect with Islanders.

To say out loud that he was shocked at the reaction to Plan B speaks of a politician who has no idea what is happening outside of Charlottetown. Environmentally, this plan is devastating, but the colossal waste of money in this "new fiscal reality", as Mr. Ghiz and Finance Minister Wes Sheridan refer to it, is unacceptable.

When asked by CTV anchor Steve Murphy if the HST would come back to haunt him next election, Mr. Ghiz went over the top stating: "It's politics. Nobody remembers what you did in the past. It only matters what you do today." This from a man who stands, shouting, in our legislature about all the political sins the previous Conservative government committed, some more than 10-15 years ago. And yet the number of people who took to the streets in 2012 to protest this government's policies speaks volumes about the Ghiz government's inability to understand Islanders and their issues.

Mr. Ghiz and his MLAs need to listen to people outside the fifth floor and try to understand why most Islanders want good policies and laws, not platitudes from their representatives.'s politics, it only matters what you do today.

Wendy Budgeon,



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