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David Bulger in Friday's (Sept. 7) Guardian tells it like it is with this government. They certainly could use common sense.

For example, the mud hills at Borden - how much did taxpayers pay for that monstrosity? What a pretty mess to greet the tourists.

The roundabout at Poole's Corner - all that was needed there was a better indication of the turning lane when approaching from Georgetown. It was a very visible intersection from all directions.

The roundabout at the intersection of Douse's Road and the commercial highway - I was almost hit there when I was first in the roundabout - the second driver didn't yield and swerved in front of my car. If the reason for this roundabout was for the access of the school buses, wouldn't a merging lane from the Valleyfield Road be all that was necessary, and it wouldn't cost the taxpayer so much money.

Plan B - A knowledgeable gentleman wrote how an improvement could be accomplished without all the destruction to homes, land, trees and waterways. Please heed his instructions, Mr. Vessey.

Program cuts are all done on the lower-paid, usually self-employed, individuals. Imagine if you are the owner of a small bed and breakfast. Your inspection fee just doubled this year; other licences as well.

Speaking of cutting costs, wouldn't it be a plus to see the top government echelon reduce their salaries, pay for their cars and gas? Also, what about those indexed pensions for politicians who serve as little as two years?

Did I hear that a building for the MLAs near Province House is now being considered?

The people of P.E.I. have been speaking loud and clear about the waste of taxpayers' money; but the employer's suggestions are not even considered. If this were a company, I think a number of employees would be fired for insubordination. The gentleman from New York, who also wrote to The Guardian, knows what is happening when he worries that this government will bankrupt P.E.I.

Please, Mr. Premier, take better action and prevent this from happening and, please, assist the rural communities.

Bertha M. MacLean,


Organizations: Province House

Geographic location: Georgetown, Valleyfield Road, P.E.I. New York

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