LETTER: Female sex-selective abortion is legal

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Age, size, level of development, environment, dependency, ability... Does the humanity of the female change because of these things? No! They don’t change who we are after we’re born, so why would they change who we are before we’re born?

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we fight for women’s equality, regardless of these factors.

Imagine that my friend has three beautiful, rambunctious daughters under the age of five whom she finds difficult to raise. Their two-year old daughter in particular is burdensome. My friend and her husband were hoping to have sons, as they grew up in a society where women are not valued as much as men. My friend has been stretched thin to the point where she feels she can’t continue raising three daughters and decides to poison the two-year old. Should she be allowed to kill her two-year old daughter simply because she is a girl and is difficult to raise? Absolutely not!

Now let’s imagine that my friend has three beautiful and rambunctious daughters under the age of five and has just found out she is pregnant with a fourth daughter. Her husband was really hoping that their fourth child would be a son and is distraught at the news. He convinces his wife that their lives would be better off if she aborted their nine-week old daughter just because she is a girl.

This is known as sex-selective abortion or “gendercide” and is legal in Canada. I ask you, if it is not ok for someone to kill their born daughter because she is a girl, why should it be ok to have their pre-born daughter disembowelled, decapitated, and dismembered just because she is a girl? We live in a country where it is legal to discriminate against pre-born women based on their sex, age, level of development, dependency, environment, and size.

This has to change. As a society, we need to step it up; loving and protecting both mother and pre-born daughter.

Nicole Dupuis


Executive Director
 PEI Right to Life Association


Organizations: Life Association

Geographic location: Canada, Charlottetown

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  • Sad
    March 08, 2016 - 14:58

    Nicole, you seem like a nice, caring and intelligent young woman. I'm sure you've got a bright future. It's extremely sad to me that you've aligned yourself with a cause that aims to take important rights aways from vulnerable women in order to assign rights to groups of non-sentient cell clusters.