Petition against dog and cat fur products in Canada

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Re: Petition to Ban Dog and Cat Fur Products in Canada

Attention all animal lovers. There’s a new online petition to “ban the importation of any dog and cat pelts or furs, and prohibit the sale of said products in Canada.”

It has over 8,000 signatures in just a few days, it needs 100,000 to be introduced into the House of Commons. It’s sponsored by MP Don Davies. It’s one of the first official online petitions to the House.

A 2012 investigation by the Toronto Star revealed this is happening.

Few people realize that when you buy a fur or faux-fur trimmed garment in Canada, that came from elsewhere — like a fur or faux-fur trimmed jacket, mitts or boots — that there’s a good chance it has dog or cat fur on it.

It’s not so easy today to tell faux from real fur, and fur from dogs and cats in China can be cheaper to use on garments than faux fur.

So, even when labeled faux-fur, it could well be from a dog or cat.

As surprising as it is to learn, there are currently no labeling requirements to tell people from which animal fur sold in Canada came from.

In the U.S., they have animal of origin labeling. Even with this requirement, tests there consistently show, that the labels cannot be trusted.

A jacket labeled faux, coyote or fox fur, for instance — could well be really from a dog or cat. Commerce is like that, big surprise huh. It’s ‘buyer beware’ for sure.

Google ‘China dog or cat fur’, and you’ll quickly learn the cruel reality of what happens to dogs and cats there.

The petition link: Or search for ‘e-Petitions House of Commons e-123.’ Please sign and share widely.

Ty Savoy,

Lake Echo, N.S.

Organizations: House of Commons, Toronto Star, Google

Geographic location: Canada, CanadaAttention, China U.S. Lake Echo

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