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Editor: Pesticides in the media have been a hot topic lately, arguably even more so than in previous years. I found the story ‘Under the Microscope’ to be an interesting one. I specifically liked her quote about not blaming farmers and understanding they need to make a living like everyone else. Her stance was very objective and fair. She was not attacking anyone, and I admire that position.

The way forward is through dialogue, not each side (the citizens and farmers) blaming each other. At the end of the day, we have the same goals. We all want a stable economy. We all want a healthy population. We all want a healthy environment. Even those of us who would not identify as being ‘environmentalists’ would agree with that. The farmers have nothing to farm without good soil, and we at large have nothing to eat. We are on the same side of this issue.

As such, I was quite disappointed to see a letter from Reginald Walsh. No part of what she said indicates she has a ‘problem with the farming community.’ Nor do I see a quote that would insinuate in any way that she feels she is a ‘chemical specialist.’ Moreover, one really doesn’t need to be a chemical specialist to read the studies that are extensively available on the harm of being exposed to endocrine disrupters or carcinogens.

There are 1,000 dead fish in North River, and I don’t need to be a specialist to know this is a problem. Considering the fact that the article was about people using social media to voice complaints about pesticides, I’m not sure why you think your family should have been interviewed. I think every single person who reads your letter to the editor is wondering if you might be the person who owns the field next to Ms. Diamond.

Because we all want to have healthy lives if we worked together and were objective and fair we would all be better off. There is no need for attacks on people who simply want to see positive changes.

Ateesha MacLeod,


Geographic location: North River

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